We Offer Tailored Solutions

We focus to provide working capital and, in some cases, investment and multipurpose financing – all prepared specially to suit your specific business requirements.

Investment Financing

Investment Financing

We offer medium-term financing facility to finance procurement of capital goods for rehabilitation, modernization, expansion or establishment of new project or refinancing, with term of loan minimum 2 (two) years.

Product Features:

Financing Amount     : up to IDR 30b

Financing Tenure       : minimum 2 (two) years

Instalment Payment  : Instalment payments (principal + interest) are made on monthly basis Instalment can be arranged as follows: 

                                       * Regular (fixed amounts every month)

                                       * Irregular (different amounts according to the cash flow)

Collateral                    : Fixed assets (House property, apartment and office space)



Other Services

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Working Capital Financing

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Multi-Purpose Financing

Multi-Purpose Financing

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